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Neighborhood-Fresh and Healthy:
The Way You Deserve 

FrescaZona - in the center of the Creighton community of east central Phoenix - is a growing food community and marketplace, bringing fresh, organic food and nutrition to everyone. 

Fresh + Nutritious 

You'll find everything you need to create healthy, flavorful meals at the FrescaZona marketplace. 

We're committed to providing our community with the highest quality, organic products available - all sourced from local Arizona growers with an emphasis on urban gardens right here in the Creighton community.

Our goal is to transform public spaces into vibrant community gardens, where neighbors can come together and enjoy fresh produce grown right in our own backyard, creating a community of food producers and consumers that uplift community nutrition and health.

Fresh in the Neighborhood (FIT-N) is a network of harvesting spaces that enhance the beauty of our neighborhood and foster a sense of community and healthy living.

Fresh In The Neighborhood:
Your Local Community Garden 


You and your loved ones deserve access to nutritious food and quality healthcare, regardless of income status.

The FrescaZona market is proud to always accept SNAP EBT benefits, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of fresh, wholesome food. But if you have food needs, we can also help you get SNAP!.

Our expert team is here to help you with both Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and/or AHCCCS healthcare coverage. We know it is hard, but we have experts here to help. The process is confidential and private. SNAP provides you with the resources to stretch your food budget without sacrificing nutrition. 

What is FrescaZona?

Operated by Creighton Community Foundation, FrescaZona is a fresh food connected community, consisting of multiple urban agriculture, food security, and nutritional health services along the Phoenix Grand Canalscape spanning 36th Street and Roosevelt (the David Crockett School Community Garden) going northwest all the way to 18th Street and Osborn Road (the Acre 51 community garden).  

Our Gardens 

How can you help?

How can you help make FrescaZona into a vibrant, food secure community where every family has food, and there's an abundance of opportunity in food-centric projects? 

Emergency Food Access - Feeding Phoenix 

We offer emergency food access to those who can't get SNAP benefits or have special needs, including special medical dietary needs when referred through your physician or health care provider.

Our team is dedicated to helping individuals and families in need, and we work closely with local organizations to provide the necessary support. We offer a variety of fresh, healthy foods that are available for immediate pick-up or delivery, so you can get the nutrition you need when you need it most.

From temporary hardships to long-term challenges, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our emergency food access program. 

Our work depends upon your support. As little as $5 puts a week worth of food in front of a kid in our Feeding Phoenix program. Help us by giving.

Changing food and nutrition security, and uplifting communities is partner-centric work. Have bright ideas? Want to partner? 
Email us.

Partners are also about opening doors through connections - whether a corporate sponsorship or a procurement channel for good like milk. Email us!

Feeding Phoenix - the ground floor of much of our food work, is a youth-led weekly nutrition (not just food) distribution program that serves approximately 4,000 families a year with an every Saturday drive through food box line at Excelencia School.

FrescaSNAP - our food security pathway program focuses on equipping families with program and approaches to establishing food security and improving family nutritional health.

Medical Food Boxes - locally sourced, medical partner food boxes support families with unique medical complications in their lives, where nutrition plays a heightened role in day to day health.

FrescaZona the Store - addressing food access challenges, FrescaZona makes farm fresh food locally available, accessible where you are, and available for SNAP customers. More important, it is part of a nutrition journey - with the freshest nutrition around.

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Neighborhood-Fresh and Healthy:
The Way You Deserve 

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